Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Di Lieto - first story draft

It is now two weeks after my first to Di Lieto visit and I have shot 11 films. One came underdeveloped, three have been developed with the wrong amount of developer, four have been over developed, three came out as they should may be.

You live you learn. It has been a very exciting process, not only in terms of actually being out there and putting myself out of my comfort zone when I had to talk to strangers and be nice and make sure I am not in their way. When you watch the same process over and over you start wondering - what is there I still haven't seen in this, so where is my story, what else can I shoot, can I climb up there, where do I stand.

It has been very difficult for me to find new angles, take portraits and ensure everyone is comfortable around me. And I am not even going into all the technical stuff, like proper metering. Looks like with the Pentax which has a faster lens and altogether better meter than the Zenith is simpler to use inside, when there is not enough light.

Now the sifting through and selecting the pictures that would make it. My great friend Alyssa is so good in this. She is may be the best photo editor amongst my friends. And I am so crap in this. The editing process is as important as actually taking the pictures.

Here is my process of picking up 20-30 pictures out of 300+. I sorted them in different themes: kneading, mixing, baking, people, equipment etc. Afterwards from each group I picked up the ones I felt I like best and put them all together. Than came my brilliant house mate, who not only doubles as a model, but also now doubles as a photo editor.

This is how the draft looks.

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