Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have realized that anyone can take a good picture. Seriously. The issue is editing whatever you have shot. It is so bloody difficult.

I am so stuck on editing the Di Lieto photo project that words can't possibly describe. After deciding the story is about the bread, my tutor ever so nicely asked, can she please, see some more people on my pictures. As most of my stuff was close ups - hands, bread, flour flying around, people with their back, people hidden behind piles, people out of focus...

So I thought well, I can do this, I can point the camera in the faces of people who I barely know and who after all feel comfortable with me. Well, I now have a bunch of "pictures with people" in them.

The issue is whenever I start editing, I end up with the pictures with no people in them! I somehow want to hide the people from the bakery and I can't figure out why. I have a guess it is I feel I don't know enough about them or I just want to keep them for myself. No idea.

Altogether it is a pain!

On another note - I have now mastered the drying process! Yes! The answer was very simple - photo flo! And you simply forget about drying marks. So now I have clean negatives I can focus on other stuff, like composition for example or editing for a change!

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