Monday, October 24, 2011

Adox CHS Art 100

After my previous misfortunes with the Adox I had a much better luck this time. As I was shipping almost illegally my photography chemicals to Dubai and had nightmares about getting jailed I decided I will only go for essential stuff - like developer and fixer. So I no longer have a stop bath, but let's face it - you can obviously live without it.

The other issue with Dubai is - it is hot. Like really! So stand development is not really an option here as temperature of the tank can easily creep up while you wait for it to be developed.

The above leaves me with the only option of going for normal development. This time I didn't presoak the film and developed it for only 6 minutes, didn't use a stop bath and actually the results turned out quite sharp - with some grain at the lower speeds and without getting burnt areas like last time.

Not quite black and white

Some time ago after a cry to all friends and relatives I am looking for old film cameras I got an almost brand new Smena

Now the specifics of a Smena is that there is absolutely no way to find out what the speed and aperture should be set to. The film advance mechanism is very funny where you rewind the film until you think you have rewind enough. Guesstimation to the max!

What happens you end up with a few shots getting overlaid. 

I actually love all of them. Technique aside I have a feeling 'art' happens when you don't think about it, you let go of too much thinking and let Fortuna & Inspiration do their job.