Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Di Lieto - test pictures

I thought no drying misfortunes this time. I will share something I have been working on for past few weeks.
I started a Documentary Photography Course at Zoom-in which is another reason why I love SW9! It is smack on my door step. Also compared to the ridiculous fees at St. Martin's this seemed like a great value for money.

Our assignment in the first week was to shoot portraits, relationships and people doing something. I only managed the portraits and the pictures in the previous post are the some of the good shots. Below two more of my brilliant house mate who doubles as a model :).

This is a great Acros 100 film. I love it! It is smooth, does great in low light and gives beautiful depth! And of course Sasha is a great model!

Now, Di Lieto. It is the Italian for the happy one. It is the family name of the guys who own the place. And it is a part of my assignment for the next class. We had to come up with a story and shoot it. This one seemed nice and sort of easy and I thought will get me totally out of my comfort zone, because it meant going and actually asking if I can go and take the pictures. To my greatest amazement the guys said yes! Di Lieto is a family run Italian bakery, which sells brilliant bread and is run by two brothers - Giovanni and Luigi! You can't get more Italian than that!

So there I was 6 am, very nervous, without any idea what exactly I am going to do. I had to go back again. And I am still go back again this week. Overall, this has turned out more of an adventure than I thought. You know most of the people I know including me will look at a picture and will say - oh I love this! Simply because the picture is of something beautiful or the person on it is smiling. So I am currently sitting with over 100 pictures and I need to decide which will make it. And they need to feel well together, not just be good as a single image. They need to make a story, be different in terms of pace, distance, composition, things they say... Quite challenging because this is out of my normal very linear and logic way of thinking. Yes, I am boring, but I love it. 

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