Sunday, June 13, 2010


I will keep this simple and very much usual. I am Irina, I was born Bulgarian and currently live in London.
The first camera I ever used was my dad's Zenit EM which is still with me and takes beautiful pictures. I love photography and I have discovered the wonderful art of at home black and white development only now.
This is my dedicated place of sharing my experience, misfortunes and luck of developing black and white film at home. I am always happy to hear back, so if you like what I am doing, have suggestions, questions and simply want to say hi, please, leave me a comment.


Dominic Doherty said...

I spent most of my life in London before I moved to Germany in June 2008 (I'm half German)... I haven't been back in London since then, although I miss it.

Came across your blog today and I love your black and white pictures... you're very talented!! Your photographs brought back some nice memories... thank you :-)

If you want me to recommend some places in London most people outside the part of town I used to live in (Richmond / Kingston area, at the end of the District Line) wouldn't know about, I'll be glad to help :-)

Ira said...

Hi Dominic,
Thank you very much for the nice comments. I really enjoy when people stop by. I have sent you an email. Best,

jsirevaag said...

Thanks for sharing your work; its wonderful. Keep on shooting film! I am an amateur photographer in Fairbanks, Alaska USA and I only shoot film. The process is both rewarding and frustrating, isn't it?! If you are interested in viewing my work, it can be found online at Have a great day!