Sunday, June 13, 2010

My cameras

I currently have four cameras: three film and one digital. The digital is a Nikon D60 and the film cameras are (left to right):
Zenit Em with a 44 mm lens, Pentax SuperMe with a 50 mm SMC lens and Smena 8 with an incomprehensable lens. :)

The Zenit is my dad's, the Pentax I got from a colleague who no longer uses it and the Smena came from a friend of my mum's after my desperate cry for long forgotten film cameras living in people's cupboards.

I usually shoot on the Zenit. I currently have a colour film in the Smena but because it has no built in meter and also the film advancement system is rather odd (you just rotate a button on top and there is nothing to stop you from rolling in the whole film) so I have no idea what is going to come out of it, but it is a toy anyways.

I am planning to get a colour film in the Pentax this week and go shooting on the weekend some of the blooming roses around town.

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