Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rollei 100 vs Acros 100

Ever ready to experiment with film I use, I am still to find the film to replace Acros 100 from my heart. Rollei Retro 100 is ok, fine I would even say. Gives a very good contrast, almost no grain when using stand development and Rodinal. However I still can't get quite right the exposure for it...
This is what I'm talking about: 

Burnt areas. Lot's of grain as well. Sharp and good contract though. 

This is how Acros behaves inside, on a grey day outside, without any extra light

No grain. None. I just love this film! It gives really soft greys, warm even somehow tones. Perfect for portraits. 60 min stand development in 20 degrees (might have been even 18 towards the end as it is quite chilly at home), 1:100 dilution in R09 (which is technically speaking Rodinal). The only downside is may be contrast, but other than that this is the best film I have used so far. 


Maximilian said...


just found your blog and read most of your posts! I really dig the results you get with the Fuji Acros. I just started to use the Rollei Retro as well but in my case the negatives show lots of grain. I developed in R09 1+50 dillution and standard agitation but want to try stand development with the next film.
How did you develop the film shown above?

Ira said...

Hi Max!
Thank you for your comment! I use the same for all stand development: R09 in 1:100 dilution and 60 min stand with agitation in the first minute and after the first 30 minutes. But I must say I am not really careful with agitation. The temperature was 25 degrees at the beginning, but as it was chilly outside I believe it had gone down towards the end. Frankly speaking I think because Rollei is so sensitive I would rather have a much weaker solution next time and much much less agitation. I also didn't use any stop bath - just water and fix for 5 min after that. Hope this helps and would be great to see your results! Good luck|!

Maximilian said...
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Maximilian said...

Hi Irina,

just made some tests and it turned out quite nicely! The grain is acceptable and i really like the contrasts and levels of grey.
If you're still interested I could send you some pictures. What would be the best way to do that, via email?

Ira said...

I would love to! My email is Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've been using a lot of Rollie Retro and agree that it can be very grainy. I use similar dev times to Irina and agitate pretty much the same too.

I've found *very* gentle agitation helps reduce grain but it's by no means guaranteed!